Historical Costume Maker, Costume Historian, Educator

Commissions: Custom historical garments made for display in exhibits, use in museum education settings, and for individuals with an interest in wearing bespoke historical clothing.

Quinn will collaborate with you to create the garment(s) that fit your needs for each unique project. This varies from reproducing from a visual source, including patterning and construction, to a complete experience that draws on her extensive knowledge and comprehensive research of historical clothing styles, colors, and fabrics to guide you through the process of designing, sourcing, patterning, creating, and wearing custom fitted historical clothing.


Please contact with specific inquiries or for further information.

Presentations & Workshops: Lectures, talks, and classes for museums and historical institutions.

Quinn will bring history to life during historical dressing presentations focused on topics relating to women’s clothing worn during the 19th and early 20th centuries. This includes dressing in reproduction garments with all of the appropriate foundations and explaining the cultural context of the clothing as well as the garments themselves: how they functioned, what they were made from, and the changing silhouettes.


Quinn will design and facilitate hands-on historical garment making workshops. Each workshop is designed specifically for your area of interest and group skill level.


Please contact with specific inquiries or for further information.